Electric Grid Blackout A Major Concern in Coming Future

Our irregular & uncontrolled pattern of energy usage has brought too many threats to the existing resources and system. Electric grid blackout has become a troubling concern and in order to discuss the future reliability of electric grid, a meeting was held between The National Resource Committee (ENRC) and U.S. Energy on April 10, 2014. Utility companies participating in the meeting included American Electric Power and Calpine Corporation. Participating members expressed their concern over a possible grid shutdown in the coming future.

A major concern was that overloading of the electric plant capacity is almost ensured if there is a excessively harsh winter or summer in 2014 that results in electric outage, thereby troubling many users. One of the reasons accountable for this includes the renewable tax credits as grid stability becomes more problematic with increase in renewables. The fact that renewables are incompetent to provide baseline power is far beyond the understanding of the US Government.

Not much time was devoted in the meeting to discuss the recommendations for preventing future grid blackouts. However, there was a recommendation of organizing regular meetings between the US DOE, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the utility companies until an effective energy policy is formulated. Making this possible would definitely require efforts from everyone. The US DOE has more faith in the renewable energy sources and that is evident from the increased wind farm & solar plant installations done in the US in the recent time.

A book on renewable energy, “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”, discusses the energy scenario in the US along with the relevance of renewable energy for large scale implementation. Authored by Brad Linscott, this solar energy book is available at Amazon for a reasonable price.


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