Solar & Wind Operated Power Plants Will Only Lead to Expensive Electricity Production

Do you know that hydrogen is a clean burning fuel that is fully capable of replacing diesel fuel and gasoline. Water can be converted into its constituent elements oxygen and hydrogen in a more economical manner using high temperature reactors. Besides being economical, this process is also more environment friendly compared to the conventional electrolysis process that requires fossil fuels conversion into hydrogen.

Every year, whenever the production of cost-effective hydrogen is stopped, we will require buying oil from the Middle East. We can attain the much-needed energy independence if we start using hydrogen as fuel. Also, the DOE needs to shift focus from spending on promotion of renewable energy programs to electric power plants that are more efficient.

Depending on the renewable programs will not drive our energy needs actually. Coal and gas fired electric power plants have a huge potential to meet our energy requirements. Adhering to the current energy policy and replacing these conventional power plants with solar and wind operated plants will only lead to a rise in electricity bills, the reason being the high cost of the renewable systems.

We definitely need to work on our existing energy policy if we desire to be energy independent. To get more info on the energy subject, you can read the book on renewable energy named “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”. Authored by Brad Linscott, this renewable energy sources book will provide you everything you want to know about the change that is required in our current energy policy. You can get the book from Amazon.


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