Buy Renewable Energy Book that Explains the Common Sense Energy Plan for Energy Independence

Focusing more on wind turbines and other renewable energy systems is indeed a step in the wrong direction. DOE needs to ensure taking suitable measures that are crucial to attaining energy independence. At present, considering the high prices of fossil fuels, it has become a must to achieve a sustainable & reliable energy model that will relieve us from our prolonged dependence on import of expensive foreign oil. Such energy model will not only provide the layout for deriving the energy meeting our requirements but also will ensure that there is no adverse effect on the surrounding environment.

At present, we are on the verge of a severe energy crisis and the main reason for that is the US DOE’s over-reliance in renewable energy. By narrowing the focus on renewable energy, the DOE has in a way underestimated the potential of conventional power plants. However, the reality is quite opposite to what the DOE considers it to be. Wind energy systems are not that efficient to supply the energy meeting our needs. Moreover, the energy output obtained from a wind energy system is fluctuating in nature due to the varying wind flow. Despite this fact, the DOE continues its plans for funding the installation and R&D of wind energy systems.

There is a renewable energy data book available these days that discusses all aspects related to the current energy approach we have been taking and the ideal approach to take. Author Brad Linscott has brilliantly explained all these aspects in his book Renewable Energy: “A Common Sense Energy Plan”. Unlike other biofuel, wind turbines books, this book includes the common sense energy plan that is required for energy independence.


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