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Taking into account the rising prices of fossil fuels and the increasing number of foreign oil imports, it can be said that we need a comprehensive & sensible plan to attain our goal of energy independence. We need a plan that enables us effectively meet our energy requirements without paying dollars in excess. In an effort to improvise our national security and enhance our competitiveness in the global market, we must become energy independent.

Different sources of renewable energy like wind, biofuels, geothermal energy, hydro-power, solar etc., are available. But the economic aspect associated with these renewable sources raises the question as to how good is the decision to implement them on a wider scale. Wind energy generated electricity is not economical. Also, wind energy is not capable of providing us the amount of energy we need.

Similar is the case for solar energy generated electricity. In the year 2010, while wind provided just 2.3% of our energy requirements, solar energy provided a fraction above 0%. Surely, this would sound too strange but these are the figures that reveal how efficient solar & wind energy have been in satiating our energy needs.

If you want to enlighten yourself more on this subject, then read “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”, a renewable energy data book authored by Brad Linscott. In this solar energy book, you will find systematic comparisons between nuclear fuels, fossil fuels and renewable energy. You can buy this book on renewable energy from Amazon or from the site of Tate Publishers.


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There is an urgency in the current time to churn out a common sense energy plan that allows us to meet our soaring energy requirements with ease. Our fossil fuel levels are constantly depleting and there is no hope of replenishing the same. All that can be done is to rethink on our existing energy policies and make progressive plans for countering the current energy crisis situation effectively.

Neither over-reliance on renewable energy nor foreign imports of oil are going to simplify the energy requirement equation. A perfect balance is needed, whether its about adopting a cleaner form of energy or broadening our focus from renewable energy to nuclear energy.

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Brad Linscott has authored an alternative energy book named “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan” that discloses the essential plan required to attain energy independence. In this book, Brad has discussed how inefficient wind turbines and solar installations are in providing the energy for our needs.

In this book, readers will come across exhaustive scientific & economic data pertaining to energy in the US. All crucial facts & figures have been presented in a systematic manner in this book which is hard to find in geothermal or wind turbines books. Brad has used his several years of experience while writing this book to educate people about the current energy scenario.

Besides understanding the comparisons between renewable, fossil, nuclear energy; readers will also become aware of the obstacles in the path of attaining energy independence. The book also explains the importance of hydrogen technology & nuclear energy in meeting our energy needs. You can buy the book from Amazon.

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Definitely, we are taking a huge risk by investing our future tax dollars for offshore wind turbines. Wind energy may decrease our coal & natural gas requirements to some extent, but need for gasoline will still be there. Though wind turbines are considered clean sources of electricity, the question is regarding the price for generated electricity. Conventional electric plants will always have the leading edge over wind turbines in terms of the low cost associated with electricity production.

Its also being estimated that we may have to pay almost three to four times for the wind turbine generated electricity in future which would be an unbearable financial burden. If wind energy generated electricity is clean & doesn’t produce any adverse environmental effects, does it mean that its worth such a high cost. If we want to have energy independence in the real sense, its better to go for a cleaner substitute for gasoline.

Its only once we devise a common sense energy plan that our sufferings related to clean, green and economical energy will actually come to an end. You can go through the book “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan” to get more details on this crucial subject. It is a solar energy book authored by Brad Linscott. In this renewable energy book, Brad has described the impending energy problems faced by the US. Another focus in this book has been on the importance & usefulness of conventional electric plants over wind turbines. The book is available for purchase at Amazon.

Understanding the Relevance of Large Scale Wind Turbine Installation

With days passing by, our fossil fuel reserves have already depleted to a huge extent. Considering the fossil fuel alternatives like solar & wind energy to be a major contributor in meeting our energy requirements is not a pretty wise view. Though these renewable energy sources provide a small fraction of our energy demands, it does not imply implementing them on a bigger scale by investing millions of dollars in wind turbines and solar installation projects.

The relevancy can be made out from a few facts about wind farm installation. It has come out to light that clustered wind turbines, also referred as wind farms, are capable of producing 5 Kw per acre. On the contrary, conventional electric power plants require a mere 100 acres for producing 1,000 MW electricity. Further, turbine breakdowns and accidents are quite common that adds up to the negative effects of employing these sources.

You can read the renewable energy data book named “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan” to have a better understanding of this entire concept. This book on renewable energy covers an elaborate description of the current energy scenario. After reading this book, you will also become aware of the impending energy problems faced by the US as well as the remedial measures taken by the US government to handle this urgent situation. Available for download from the site of Tate Publishing, this book will prove to be a valuable information source for everyone concerned about the energy crisis the nation faces today.

Are Offshore Wind Turbines Really Effective to Tackle Soaring Energy Requirements?

Among the European countries that depend on offshore wind turbines; Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Finland are the most prominent ones. Even the US has ample offshore wind resources that require tapping to the fullest. The US department of energy (DOE) has started the wind energy program as an attempt to accelerate the wind power deployment on a wider scale. Clearly, the aim behind this effort is to attain better economic growth and improved environment quality. To attain this aim, DOE also takes account of the investments required to facilitate wind power technologies development.

Understanding the Wind Energy Program

This wind energy program is a step forward in attaining the goal of having 85 percent of electricity from cleaner energy sources by the year 2035. By the virtue of this program, its being expected that natural gas consumption will be reduced and their will be also an increase in the annual rate of employment. Among the various goals of DOE, one is that the unsubsidized levelized energy cost for offshore wind energy installations gets reduced. DOE will also focus on improving the useful life of wind turbine component by 10 years before the component is replaced.

Economy Aspect Related With Offshore Wind Turbines

It has been witnessed that over time the initial installation cost for offshore wind systems has increased. Just within two years, between 2005 to 2007, there has been a 55% increase in the initial capital cost of installing offshore wind machines. Several factors are responsible for deciding the cost of produced energy, many of which are quantitatively unknown.

Also, it is expected that with increasing distance from land & depth of water, the installed capital costs also go up. Further, offshore wind turbines pose a higher operating and maintenance costs compared to the land based ones. Its a fact based on figures that electricity produced from wind turbines is actually more expensive than that obtained from conventional electric plants.

A Renewable Energy Book Reveals the Secrets

Renewable Energy BookFor all of your quest related to a reliable info source on this subject, you can go through the book “Renewable Energy : A Common Sense Energy Plan”. Unlike other nuclear books, geothermal books, this renewable energy book presents an expert treatment of the renewable energy subject. The book author, Brad Linscott puts forward various energy problems faced by the US and the remedial actions taken by the government to handle them. A good comparison has been made between the fossil fuels, nuclear & renewable energy in this book.

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Producing electricity using solar or wind energy is actually quite costlier compared to electricity production using nuclear energy. It would not be wrong to say that concentrating on these renewable energy forms for electricity production will only lead to a loss situation. However, while wind farms have created permanent jobs for many, the fact that wind farms merely leads to unreliable, intermittent and expensive source of electricity cannot be denied. Government subsidies for wind turbines includes:-

1. Direct Expenditures
2. Research & Development
3. Loans and Loans Guarantee
4. Tax Exemptions

Just by stopping such government subsidies for wind turbines, federal spending can be actually reduced by billions of dollars. Large scale wind farms creation will not serve the purpose of meeting our energy requirements as wind turbines are not efficient enough to provide a constant supply of electrical energy.

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All the confusion pertaining to the usefulness & economy aspects of renewable energy sources can be made clear by going through the book on renewable energy. Authored by the eminent Brad Linscott, the book “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan” covers the renewable energy subject as a whole.

This book will put forward a clear-cut picture of the energy crisis faced by the US today and the efforts put up by the government to fix the situation. Unlike other wind, geothermal, biofuels books; this expertly written book explains the feasibility of implementation of the renewable energy sources on a bigger scale. This book is available for purchase at the site of Amazon and Tate Publishing.

A Book on Renewable Energy Stating the Existing Energy Situation

The current energy usage pattern indicates the actual energy scene that is quite worrisome for any nation. Fast depleting levels of fossil fuels and the adverse global warming effects related with their usage has made the situation highly problematic. Nations have now started turning their heads towards more promising sources of energy like wind energy, tidal energy, solar energy etc.

In the US, different plans & policies have been formulated by the Government to promote maximum use of renewable energy. For example, consider Wind Powering America (WPA), an initiative of the US Department of Energy. By virtue of WPA, the US government seeks the increased use of wind energy in all its states. WPA coordinates with regional stakeholders including rural electric cooperatives, farmers, ranchers etc., to remove all barriers in the way of harnessing the maximum out of wind energy.

Similarly, there are other plans as well for promoting other forms of renewable energy. Renowned author Brad Linscott describes the various aspects related with use of renewable energy in his best-seller book “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”. Unlike a wind or solar energy book, this book on renewable energy covers the energy subject as a whole.

In this book, Brad explains the impending energy problems along with the necessary steps taken by the US to fix those problems. Since release, the book has fetched high interests from the people that shows in its increased sales figures. People looking for more information on the energy subject can buy a copy of this book from Amazon.